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Our Content Creation & Issue Research Service

A story is just a story unless the facts are researched and the points are true...

No matter whom you talk to the complaints about information on the internet is the same. Either the content is too sensationalized and/or bubblegum; inconsequential to the important matters of the day, or the facts presented are not backed up with verifiable, trustworthy sources.

The content created for our clients - both as informational/article and issue research product - is painstakingly researched and comes to our clients complete with source credits embedded into each product. As always, these services are titrated to the budgets of our clients. Every client, no matter the size or financial ability, is afforded the same professionalism.


Content Creation Services

We at the CompassPoint Group realize that in this time of disingenuous media actors and widespread censorship, solid, fact-based, and sourced information is hard to come by. Our content creation, designed to address current events and the critical topics of the day, is the answer to "Who can I trust," a question asked all too often.

With topics, lengths, and timetables customized to your needs and your budget, the CompassPoint Group can help you achieve the level of success necessary to accomplish your publication's goals.


Issue Research Services

Going in-depth on an issue, whether for your own or your organization's information or as a basis for your professional writing, is a time-consuming and often frustrating task. The researchers at the CompassPoint Group have a deep resource library and the experience to know where to look to find the facts on a plethora of issues facing the world today.

Our research issue products have formed the informational foundation for far-reaching, fact-based news and information articles on national security, the economy, healthcare, as well as legal and political issues. Our research has been the basis for articles published by The Washington Times, NewsMax, The American Enterprise Institute, The Jewish World Review,
Accuracy in Media,, Human Events, and, among others.

When your reputation and integrity are things you value make sure your information is fact-based, researched, and solid. You can count on the CompassPoint Group to provide you with information you can trust at a titrated price you can afford.

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