Our Consultancy Service

Strategy is about making choices; about deliberately choosing to be different...

Hiring the right consultant – one with experience and who knows the players in the associated spheres – helps entrepreneurs, advocates, and candidates acquire and understand the knowledgebase and strategies they need to win and succeed. 


The primary goal of a consultant – whether in the private, advocacy, or political sectors, is to help the business owner, advocate, or candidate be aware of the various factors that could influence the marketplace or election and to subsequently develop a strategy to address those factors.


Political & Advocacy Campaigns

The CompassPoint Group professionals have the experience and the expertise to both consult for and/or manage your political or advocacy campaigns. Our team has experience organizing, advancing, managing, and winning political and advocacy campaigns in the local, county, state, and federal and federal arenas.


With services and service schedules customized to your needs and your budget, the CompassPoint Group can help you achieve the level of success necessary to accomplish your goals.


Media & Messaging Strategies

Effective messaging – presenting information so that the consumer fully understands the issue, candidacy, or product – is a requirement in our fast-paced, short attention span world.


With roots in political and non-profit advocacy, the CompassPoint Group knows how to effectively craft messaging into “consumable chunks” so that even people who are prone to multitasking will understand your message.


When you only get one shot at getting your message in front of a potential client, funder, or voter, make sure your message is crafted by the campaign-tested communications professionals of the CompassPoint Group.


Small Business Marketing Strategies

Whether you perform a service or manufacture a product, setting up your small business can be a daunting task if you have never done it before.


The messaging professionals at CompassPoint Group can consult with you to create a simple marketing strategy that will allow you to clearly see your path to small business success.


From setting up your social media strategy to making sure you have the prerequisite printed material and digital applications needed to succeed in the fast-paces and technologically evolving marketplace, the professionals on CompassPoint Group will work with you to put you on a pathway to success.